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Perseverance, society and the life ofMETALHEADSare framed in heavy, sinuous riffs, with choruses that force you to raise your clenched fists and scream. This is the essence of'MARGINAL METAL', the latest release by these four guys from Rio de Janeiro (BRA). Since 2016,FACING FEARhas been moving through sensitive and rigid themes, through harmonies and melodies in floating cadences, but without ever losingHEAVY. After an EP, an album and 2 singles, in this second full-length, Terry Painkiller, Dantas, John Killesh and Vall Maranhão solidify their work, demonstrating musical maturity, materializing their visual concept and their originality. With several shows across the country, renowned videos in theUSand records sold inJapan, Facing Fear enters another battle on its trajectory.

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Facing Fear is (left-right): John Killesh (guitar), Dantas (guitar), Vall Maranhão (drums) and Terry Painkiller (vocals)


For more videos and fun with Facing Fear, visit their YouTube Channel at:


Marginal Metal Oficial.jpg

Marginal Metal (2022)

until the end acústico.jpg

Until The End - single (2020)

Omaira single.jpg

Omaira - single (2020)

Ana Jansen

Ana Jansen


Lutaremos Pelo Metal

We'll Fight For Metal - EP


"All riffs on this album [Marginal Metal] are sensational, without deviating from the metal standard and at the same time sounding like a pleasant novelty."- Diego Franco;  80 minutes.

"After hearing to “Metal Marginal”, it's clear that the quartet is on a musical level to become great and leave the limits of the Brazilian Metal scene." - "Metal Mark" Garcia; Metal-Temple.

"... the quartet from Rio de Janeiro does a heavy metal [in Ana Jansen] without frills, well based on the sound of the 80s... Much of this comes from Dantas, main composer and owner of a respectable right hand. His riffs are the featured alongside Painkiller, from whom one cannot remain indifferent." - Daniel Dutra; Roadie Crew #254; May-June, 2020


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