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Ana Jansen full length
Release in March, 2019
Label: Classic Metal Records
Recorded in VM Studio (Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil)
Mixed by Luke D. Couto
Produced by Facing Fear


Terry Painkiller - Vocals
D'antas - Guitars, keyboards and backing vocals
Nathalia Souza - Bass and backing vocals
Vall Maranhão - Drums and backing vocals

Guest special: 

Luke D. Couto - Keyboards (Hell's Killer and The Tragedy/The Lonely Soldier

Larissa Rodrigues - Backing vocals (Hell's Killer and We Are Facing Fear)

1 - Hell's Killer (D'antas)
2 - The Tragedy/The Lonely Soldier (D'antas)
3 - Until The End (D'antas)
4 - I Wanna Play The Sound (D'antas)
5 - Run For My Life (D'antas)
6 - Calling Me (D'antas)
7 - War Of Lies (D'antas)
8 - Snow Witch (Yuki-Onna) (Painkiller/Maranhão/D'antas)
9 - We Are Facing Fear (Painkiller/D'antas)
10 - Ana Jansen (D'antas)

Ana Jansen: Discografia
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