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We are Facing Fear

Rocked by the new wave composed of Heavy Metal bands that emerged as Enforcer, Skull Fist, Ambush, and inspired by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Dantas and Vall Maranhão decided to get together to form a band, at the end of 2016. Dantas named the band , based on the concepts of horror films from the Slasher subgenre, where the protagonist finds himself cornered at the end and, with nothing else to do, decides to face the killer. Another influence on the name was the book “The Thing” by Stephen King, where the clown who represents fear always declines into a confrontational posture. Hence, the name Facing Fear came up.
To complete the team, Nathalia Souza was called for the bass and Carina Oliveira for the vocals. Thus, on 02/19/2017, they released the single “Facing O Medo” only on Youtube and, soon after, they started a series of shows in the Rio-São Paulo axis. However, in early April, Carina left the band, shortly before recording the first EP.
The band decided to look for a new vocalist and, based on the suggestion of an acquaintance, the name of Terry Painkiller was considered. From the meeting, they decided that he would be the new vocalist, with the band acquiring another visual identity and greater sound personality. Thus, the recordings of the EP “Lutaremos Pelo Metal” returned to full steam in May of that same year, in the same home studio that recorded the single, under the production of Bruno Gomes.
Despite the numerous difficulties in reconciling regular work with the recording stages, “Lutaremos Pelo Metal” was completed in a short time and released on streaming platforms on July 26th. Politics, society, legends and personal anxieties permeate the themes of the songs, with Heavy Metal connecting the whole. The varied cadences on the EP already showed what the band could present in the future, showing features in fast and slow songs. The physical album started to be commercialized, totally independent, after the small tour that involved, once again, the Rio-São Paulo axis, starting with the opening of the show by Selvageria, in August, a band already consolidated on the scene, at the extinct Mineiro Rock Bar . A dozen concerts followed in the same year.
The following year, “I Wanna Play The Sound”, the track most loved by the public on the EP, was chosen to have an official music video, released in June. The Army Of One Television website, from the USA, showed the video for weeks, reaching the top 5 views.
Facing Fear continued with its DIY way and started the processes for the first Full Length, in the second half of 2018. The recordings were made by the band itself, in the house of Vall Maranhão. Luke D. was responsible for mixing the album, titled “Ana Jansen”. In the meantime, the quartet received an invitation to Infektor Self Festival #4, in Teresina, Piauí, where the audience sold out. Here's an excerpt from the review: “The introduction starts rolling with a mix of “Full Moon” by Demon and the sounds of sirens, the public's expectation is stamped in the curious looks on the first song they would play. “Mental Prison” starts the presentation with many present singing. All the members were dressed in eighties looks, like “Terry Painkiller” (vocals) with his leather look and sunglasses. The “frontman” encourages the audience to sing and is promptly attended to. The repertoire was beautiful with songs like “Licantropia” and “Until the End”, followed by one of the most sung songs, “I Wanna Play the Sound”, which has already become an anthem…” - Jucie Lord à Roadie Metal.
“Ana Jansen” featured single releases only on Youtube: “Hell's Killer”, on January 13, 2019 and “Calling Me”, on February 10. On March 17th, a lyric video for “Hell's Killer”, made by Brauna Music Productions, was released.
The album was released on April 14, 2019, on all streaming platforms. Once again, politics, society, legends, personal desires and Heavy Metal are themes of Full-Length, with fiction being an added ingredient. This time, the Classic Metal Records label was responsible for releasing the physical disc, on May 28 of that same year, with the promotion of another single 5 days earlier, only on Youtube, of the track “We Are Facing Fear”._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Fast songs, few slow ones, with the linearity inherent to the genre, fill the disc, where the melodic variation of songs become the addendum to an album that received the fascinating art on the cover, by the artist Eduardo Untura. “Ana Jansen” was well received by the critics, highlighting the reviews of the biggest vehicle in the Brazilian segment, Roadie Crew: "... by Dantas, main composer and owner of a respected right hand. His riffs are the highlight alongside Painkiller, who cannot remain indifferent." - Daniel Dutra; Roadie Crew #254; May-June 2020.
Internationally, “Ana Jansen” was also praised, with emphasis on the Metal-Temple vehicle: “Musically, the band is really close to the right point of maturity. There are 10 very good songs that can really win fans over on first listen, as can be heard in the raw power of “Hell's Killer” (beautiful guitar riffs and incredible impactful energy), the excellent tempos of “Tragedy/The Lonely Soldier” ( a simple rhythm using solid bass and drum work, but the lovely energy that comes from the riffs is really amazing) and “Until the End” (very good vocals and backing vocals), the sharp melodies of “Run for My Life” and “War of Lies”, and the iconic “We Are Facing Fear” are the ones where his musical potential is clear. “Ana Jansen” is a very good album indeed, and FACING FEAR has a lot to say. Listen and check it out!” - Metal Mark Garcia; Metal-Temple, August 9, 2019.
A tour followed, entitled “Carriage of Hell Tour”, where the quartet continued along the Rio-São Paulo axis, with presentations at Lyria Fest and Guaru Metal Fest.
In search of greater sound amplitude and weight through one more guitar, the band receives John Killesh in its formation, in early 2020. Thus, the power and performances brighten, with Dantas and John in perfect harmony. However, after the second performance with the formation as a quintet, the lockdown, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, means that the band has to aim for other points, in the search to maintain contact with the public. Thus, on March 16, they release the single “Omaira” on all platforms, the B-side of the Ana Jansen album. Music in honor of the girl Omayra Sanchez Garzón, who died at the age of 13, due to the eruption of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, which occurred in 1985, in Armero, Tolima, Colombia. They also start a series of videos on their YouTube channel, showing more about each member during that chaotic period.
In June 2020, Nathalia Souza decides to leave the band, following personal projects. Facing Fear even decided to hold auditions for a replacement, however, they didn't come to a conclusion. They remained as a quartet, without a bassist, playing the projects even during the pandemic.
On December 4, they released the single “Until The End” on all platforms, an acoustic version of the third track from the Ana Jansen album, ending that year of work.
In 2021, the quartet decides to record a new album. Still under the mishaps of the pandemic and the absence of a bassist, Facing Fear calls Jhoannes Cardoso to produce the band's second Full-Length, at Dona Jassa studio. The band spent the whole year recording, mixing and mastering, in addition to several international and national participations in the songs, such as Oskar Jacobson from Ambush and Rod Wolf from Lyria. The bass was in charge of Jëy Douglas.
Even before the year ended, Facing Fear played their first “post-pandemic” show with a guest bassist, something that would become routine. Thus, they closed the year, with the expectation of what would come in this second album.
In January 2022, they released the official music video for “We Will Arrive”, produced and directed by Nove Frames. The song would be the first track on the album and the video was well praised, both for its sound and visual quality. In February, the band delivered another official music video, for the song “I'm Crazy”, also from the upcoming album. The following month started with a show in the city and soon the album Marginal Metal was released on all streaming platforms, along with an official video clip of the title track, on March 15th. Social criticism and personal reflections are the themes of the album, which outlines the lives of the members during the moment. Sinuous, heavy songs with strong choruses are the trademark of Marginal Metal, which is not limited to a standard formula in the construction of songs. The disc still had mastering by Bene Maldonado.
The international vehicle Metal-Temple, by the hands of Mark Garcia said: "... After listening to "Metal Marginal", it is clear that the quartet is on a musical level to become big and leave the limits of the Brazilian Metal scene."
Already the vehicle 80 Minutos, by the hands of Diogo Franco, said: “All the riffs on this album are sensational, without deviating from the metal standard and at the same time sounding like a pleasant novelty.”
Facing Fear is about to release the next official music video, only on their Youtube channel.

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