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The band began exactly in November of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro (BRA), when
D'antas guitarist and Vall Maranhão drummer began to work on the
compositions. To complete the team, they called Nathalia Souza (bass) andCarina Oliveira(vocals), who already played in brazilian underground bands.
The influences depart from the classic names of NWOBHM (New Wave of
British Heavy Metal) and the strongest names in the NWOTHM (New Wave of
Traditional Heavy Metal) scene.
On February 19, 2017, the band releases single "Facing Fear" by
Youtube and, in the same month, began to make presentations on the heavy
metal underground circuit of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (BRA).
At the beginning of April, Carina leaves her singing position, but without
losing time the group goes out looking for a new singer, because the plans to
record an EP were already coming to realy. Due to the great vocal range of
"Terry Painkiller", vocalist of Steel Wölf band, the musician was invited and
accepted. Terry renewed the band's identity with his penetrating voice. Facing
Fear's songs have gained more life, as in the song "I Wanna Play the Sound," in
which their highs become one of the highest points.
In May 2017 the production of the "Lutaremos pelo Metal" EP began and was a
very arduous process, since it was necessary to reconcile the recording time with
the professional commitments of each member, not to mention the numerous
unforeseen events during studio sessions. The work was finalized in July and
released in august.
After that, the EP was made available on Youtube channel "NWOTHM Full
Albums", where's received great response from the audience, as well as the
success of "I Wanna Play The Sound", released on the group's channel and
which earned the band another hit single and his first official music video,
released in June 2018. 
The first full length works called "Ana Jansen", began in the second half, 2018,
and consists of nine songs in English and one in Portuguese. The album was
produced by band itself with mixes and mastering by Luke D. The release will
take place first half, 2019 by Classic Metal Records, which has already been released
the first single called "Hell's Killer", And recently the band released the new
single, "Calling Me".

In February 2020 the band invited musician John Killesh ex-Lazyness for the second guitar, thus forming a sharp duo with D'antas. ​Nathalia Souza leaves the band in June 2020. The band dedicates the year 2021 to the production of the new album, bringing many participations.
In March 2022, the album Marginal Metal is released

Terry Painkiller: vocals
D'antas: guitar
John Killesh: guitar
Vall Maranhão: drums

Facing Fear (single, 2017)
We'll Fight for Metal (EP, 2017)
Ana Jansen (full length, 2019)
Omaira (single, 2020)
Until The End - Acoustic version (single, 2020)
Marginal Metal (full length, 2022)


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