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Photo: Rodrigo Dantas

Original name: Raphael Fábio Dantas
Birthdate: 04/20/1988
Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brazil
Born and raised in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, guitarist D'antas came from a
working-class family. Amidst numerous difficulties his passion for art began early. Up to 9 years
old he was already in love with Rock n' Roll, having his first contact with the guitar. After
knowing Iron Maiden band in 1998, their biggest influence, decided once and for all to be a
musician. Using a stratocaster guitar of a small brand, Dantas delved into the instrument in a
self-taught way over the years, also perfecting his knowledge of the musical world. In 2009
he is called to join the hard rock band Star Fixx. In this period, the instrumental of "Snow
wicht" is born, music contained in the album "Ana Jansen" of Facing Fear. It was at this
stage of his life that the desire to have his own band arose and so came the name "Facing
Fear", an inspiration of his other passion, horror films. After several unsuccessful attempts,
he moved away from music for a short time, until he met Vall Maranhão and finally
concluded the idea of having his Heavy Metal band based on Rock 'n' Roll, sharing the
dream of taking his music to all around the world.

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