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Original name: Nathalia Padilha de Souza
Birthdate: 27/07/1997
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil
The carioca graduated in nursing, Nathalia Souza, was raised in the neighborhood of Jacarepaguá,
located in the north of Rio de Janeiro City, for her single mother.
During her teenage years, music was gradually entering her life, until at point, her father gave her
the first contact with Rock n' Roll, always putting WASP to roll on his GM Chevrolet Chevette and
so a great love of style arose. Bands like W.A.S.P and Scorpions aroused her immense willingness
to be part of a band. The English bassist, John Gallagher (Raven), was her main influence when
choosing which instrument would like to follow, quickly beginning to play with her colleagues in
the neighborhood. It was during this period, 16 years old, that she met a great friend, the musician
Felipo Blanc, forming the Oxiurus band in 2013 and releasing two albums and a Split, with
recognition in the underground circuit.
Despite realizing her desire to be part of a musical group, her great dream of playing Heavy Metal
didn't materialize, even after many attempts. However, in mid-2016, guitarist Raphael Dantas
invited the bassist to join Facing Fear. Until then, her entrance became a great partnership, finally
managing to be in a Heavy / Rock band.
Nathalia Souza has already served as inspiration for many girls on the underground circuit. Her goal
is to stay on this long road to music.

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