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Dantas dives right on Synthwave!!!

The guitarist teamed up with Marginal Metal producer Jhoannes Cardoso to start a Synthwave project.

Dantas dives right on Synthwave!!!

It is known that Dantas has a great appreciation for the genre, to the point of sometimes considering possible projects. However, the whole thing took shape early tonight (Oct, 6th), with a conversation between Dantas and Jhoannes.

Jhoannes, who in addition to being a producer, is the vocalist of the bands The Canecutters and Fonk's Gang (a project that brings together drummer Paulinho Fonseca - Jota Quest - and guitarist Luo Campanelly), was the first to leave impressions about Dantas' new project.

Jhoannes Cardoso at Rock In Rio, with Fonk's Gang

“On the Marginal Metal recordings, Dantas told me that he liked Lana Del Rey's sound. I was right, but I could already tell that the guy was out of line at "Caixa Econômica Federal" (old music listeners who don't listen to new artists, ed.). That's nice.

I remember having shown, there in our Whatsapp group, a preview of a song by Danilo Minarini that I had written lyrics. It was a Trap. Screw this.

Soon Dantas decided he wanted to do something in the Synthwave vibe and we started to design some things. He sent me some references and I liked it right away!

Terry's voice in a shit like this is either going to be very interesting or it's going to be shit like that awful Judas Priest album (Turbo album, ed.), I forgot the name of that...

Let's start with some tests for opening vignettes for Fracassos Produções and mature the ideas for a possible more solid work. The cover has to be that photo of three Vall Maranhão inside Dominus.

That's about it.” — Jhoannes.

Possible album cover by Dantas
Image mentioned by Jhoannes

Dantas also left words about this new endeavor:

“When I heard Jhoannes on The Canecutters EP, I fell in love with his vocals. I saw that he could sing anything. So I made a proposal to produce a work by Synthwave. A style that I'm obsessed with, always wanted to do.

This desire came from my inspiration from bands like A-Ha, Depeche Mode and the new vintage called Retrowave. Projects like FM-84 and Synthetic Dimension are the ones that draw the most attention.

I just don't know why he relates Lana Del Rey to it. I love this woman's music, but the idea doesn't really relate to her music, I'm not an Indie.

The project will also feature soundtracks created by Jhoannes for my bizarre humorous video company, Fracassos Produções.” — Dantas.

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