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"I don't remember a damn thing about so much drinks that happened in that shit before the takes lol"

Recently, the music video for the song “That’s How Life Flows”, eighth track of the album Marginal Metal, was released. We had a short chat with Jhoannes Cardoso, who in addition to producing the record, was also a composer and performer of the track, about his participation in Marginal Metal and his performance in the music video. There are also considerations by Dantas about the music video.

Jhoannes about "That's How Life Flows"

Johannes. What inspired you when writing the lyrics?

The fundamental basis for the lyrics of That's How Life Flows was the empathy thing. I had already written a lyric about it some time ago with one or another quote on this topic. It helped me a lot with development and such. This fucking centering our focus on our belly button is a thing that always caught my attention. And we are lost, lost in the worst way.

With each passing day, people doubt a little more that it is possible to give a hand to those who are in need of something, a plate of food, a hug, a "hold on a little longer and it will get better, bro!".

And in addition to the issue of empathy, there is also the question of persistence, right? Either we insist on what we want, or we go to the hole... We won't always have a shoulder to cry on and such. That's how life flows.

Where did the influence of creating the riff come from?

The riff was the first thing that happened. I played it unpretentiously after changing the guitar strings. I don't know if it sounds like a metal riff. I don't listen to this shit...

When I put everything together, the idea of this arrangement was to sound more swing, swing and stuff, but it didn't really fit the band I wanted to record. Then I put a plaster on the execution thinking about a straighter drum as well. I turned on the PC and recorded the intro snippet. It flowed so naturally that I finished the whole arrangement in the same day. The next day, I took advantage of the excitement of having enjoyed the result and finished the fuck up.

This song was ready long before I even thought about working with Facing Fear. I remember the intention was for it to be recorded by Steel Wölf.

What was it like recording with a Heavy Metal band?

Recording this song for Marginal Metal was nothing short of absurd. I already knew what to do from the start. There was no mystery. But to this day I believe Terry's fucking voice should be there too. My idea was for a duet, but Painkiller shit on my head and was late. So I decided lol

What was it like acting in the music video?

I had never acted in a video with a plot in my life. I laugh my head off at that lame acting every time I watch the video.

I don't remember a damn thing about so much drinks that happened in that shit before the takes lol

But since it's always good to be with this bunch of crazy people, I already knew that something fun would happen after all.

Anyway, the energy of these guys overflows empathy and persistence. The song went down well on the album.

Dantas talks about That's How Life Flows music video

Dantas left the following considerations about the music video.

"Due to the interesting result in the video for “I'm Crazy”, we decided to keep the comic atmosphere in “That's How Life Flows”. We noticed that our fans enjoyed seeing us doing other things besides music. So, I wrote the script, based on routine situations in Rio de Janeiro such as delays, confusion and death threats.

As I am a movie enthusiast, the video was again produced by Fracassos Produções, my bizarre humorous and social critic video company. The edition also relied on Marcheti Effects."

Check out the music video for "That's How Life Flows" below.

Facing Fear will perform on the 26th of October, at Heavy Beer, along with the Swedes of Ambush and the Cariocas of Vox Mortem. Tickets on sale at the following link:

Ambush and Facing Fear at Heavy Beer

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