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Vall Maranhão: “I'm gonna make a dream come true!”

With music video recording, Facing Fear performs together with Ambush.

Vall Maranhão: "I'm gonna make a dream come true!"

On October 26th, Heavy Beer is getting place the first show of the “Ambushing The Americas” tour, where the Swedes from Ambush is touring a good part of Brazilian territory. Facing Fear is taking place one of the opening bands of this first performance, with Vox Mortem. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the band will capture scenes for the next video clip, probably, of Likers And Lovers, a track with the participation of Oskar Jacobson, lead singer of Ambush, on the Marginal Metal album.

Vall Maranhão spoke about the concert:

“It will be an absurd achievement to be able to play with Ambush. For me, it's one of the best bands in the world! I knew Ambush on the NWOTHM Full Albums channel at the time of Firestorm album and I got addicted to its songs, I'm gonna make a dream come true!”

Dantas brought notes about the capture for the video clip:

“We're gonna capture a very important moment for Facing Fear on the day of the show for this music video.

Ambush is an influence for us, Oskar sang on our album, and now he's gonna be on stage with us. More perfect than that, just millions of dollars in the account.

Particularly talking about, I am very happy.”

Heavy Beer and, later, Facing Fear, posted a video on their social media, where Ambush appears talking about the concert on October 26th.

Tickets can be purchased through the Sympla platform, at the following link:

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