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Terry Painkiller


Original name: unknown
Birthdate: supposedly 05/14/1985
São Gonçalo/RJ - Brazil
The lead singer of the Rock / Heavy Metal bands, Facing Fear and Steel Wölf, has a cloudy
past with some inaccurate information about his beginning in music. The few who know their
story claim that their musical formation actually began in the home, created by a mother who
had no musical barriers. The real reason why Terry chose the vocal as an "instrument"
would have been because he did not need to spend a lot of money on it, which later turned
out to be a drag on some of his study phases.
His effective entrance into the world of music took place in a Rock band in high school after
meeting with classmates. The band did not last long, with Terry being fired for "bossing too
much," as well as technical incompetence at the time, in a project he co-founded.
Addicted to research without any definite purpose, he gave himself to singing study on his
own, and later entered the Choir of the Sub-Secretariat of his city. After his teacher gave him
everything he could (arriving at a point where maestro Fernando José said, "Only specific
singing study lessons can benefit you from now on"), Terry ended up using the tool of the
new millennium more powerful for to find out more about the subject: the internet. Shallow
contacts with teachers from other locations ended up helping the vocalist to form his base.
Such a base already guided by ceaselessly listening to vocalists like Robert Plant, Ian Gillan
and Axl Rose.
Shortly afterwards, with a more technical vocal, he decides to return with the project of
having a band, thus being born the Steel Wolf. The band counted on some musicians of the
group of the college and others that were determinants for the continuation of their studies.
Through his researches without any definite purpose, he ended up using a trade name,
which in fact came to exist the name Terry (referring to the character of the franchises Fatal
Fury and The King Of Fighters SNK, Terry Bogard) Painkiller (reference to the album of
Judas Priest).
The black gonçalense knew that he would face barriers with stereotypes and, once again,
through the studies to get involved in this branch, he tried to avail himself of customs that
ended up characterizing him later. The bandana is a piece he never left.
Falling in love with Judas Priest, Terry led a series of studies to further refine his vocals,
incessantly seeking to achieve a similar result to Rob Halford. Many of the "self-employed"
studies ended up making him speechless for weeks, as the vocalist did not afford the rests
to achieve the results.
In 2012, after the release of his first recorded work and some shows of disclosure, Steel
Wölf went on hiatus and with that, Terry Painkiller disappeared from public view. Around and
half made special appearances in bands from friends around his city. Only after five years -
and with skepticism of many parts - he returned. This time in the band from Rio de Janeiro
Rock/Heavy Metal, Facing Fear.
The primary challenge in the band was having to sing songs in Portuguese, something that
was never to their liking ("Listen to a Bossa Nova in English and see how that does not
sound very good!" - he said). Soon it was recording the first work of the band, since Facing
Fear had lost its vocalist. With criticism for more good than bad, Terry Painkiller led the stages
of Facing Fear throughout the tour of disclosure of that first work, culminating in the process
of recording the first full-length of the band, Ana Jansen.
In parallel, the vocalist slowly returns with Steel Wölf, in addition to maintaining a tribute
project to Judas Priest (Judas Priest Tribute Brazil).
Terry Painkiller never stopped studying.

Photo: Rodrigo Dantas

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