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Original name: Valdeci Teixeira da Silva
Birthdate: 03/27/1991 Açailândia-MA
Born and raised in the countryside of the state and then living in the capital of the state. At 17 years old he went to the Southeast of Country where he finished, in a decade, and high school and higher, lived 2 years in São Paulo and is 9 years in Rio de Janeiro. Vall Maranhão came from a family of farmers, his parents lived in the countryside, where he worked helping his mother for a while. He had his first contact with Rock in the late 90's with his older brother who had a collection of Raul Seixas. His first contact with heavy metal was when friends borrowed an Iron Maiden CD and a DVD containing several metal bands. He began his works in music in early 2016 after talking to two guitarist friends who wanted to form a band, first was Leandro Maciel (who rest in peace) who encouraged him to play the drums and buy the instrument and D'antas who formed together Facing Fear. Leandro Maciel would be part of the band, but died before the first rehearsal. Vall and D'antas began to compose and rehearse the songs of the EP Lutaremos Pelo Metal still in the first semester of 2016. D'antas already had some riffs and began to create more, Vall appeared with the lyrics of the songs and little by little was creating the rhythmic lines. Vall was responsible for the Portuguese lyrics songs of the EP. In addition to Facing Fear, he also had a passage through the Hard Rock band, 5150, in the year 2018 and Sofrer band (dbeat / crust).

Photo: Rodrigo Dantas

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